Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

In this page, we’ve collected all of our free chicken coop plans for your convenience! As time goes on we’ll keep adding more, so stop by often.

We remember how challenging it was to find a nice centralized site with free plans when we built our first coop. We then decided to make this site dedicated to helping others in their coop building and chicken raising endeavors.

We love sharing our ideas with others and hope you find a plan that works well for you (and your chickens ?) Enjoy!

Disclaimer – we are NOT carpenters, draftsman of any sort! We are just fellow chicken coop enthusiasts who built our own coop and want to share some of that knowledge with you. Consult a carpenter if you’re looking for professional building and design advice. If you have no or limited experience building anything, understand construction is a great site for .learning the basics and more.

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