Chicken Coop Siding Ideas – What’s Best For Your Coop?

chicken coop siding ideas

Siding is an important part of any chicken coop. It helps to protect the chickens from the elements and keeps them comfortable and dry. There are a variety of siding materials that can be used for chicken coops, including plywood, metal, and even recycled materials. It can seem overwhelming at times! Don’t worry, we discuss … Read more

Lean To Chicken Coops – The Simple Yet Beautifully Functional Design!

lean to coop

Wanting to save some dough but still have a sweet chicken coop? Consider looking into lean to chicken coops! They are a common chicken coop design and for good reason. The single pitched roof and 3 walled design allows you to save time and money. We will discuss the possibilities of this amazing option in … Read more

Chicken Coop Flooring Materials – Wood Is Great, But There Are More!

If you’re in the process of building your chicken coop and are wondering what flooring materials to use, you’re not alone. The vast majority of us coop owners use a wood floor, either plywood, tongue and groove or similar. But there are a lot of other options out there that work just as good…in fact … Read more

Does A Chicken Coop Need To Be Off The Ground? Our Top 6 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea

Does a chicken coop need to be off the ground?

What’s the deal with all those coops you see elevated off the ground? It’s a popular coop design feature, and for good reason! But DOES a chicken coop need to be off the ground? We think yes for the many benefits it provides: Convenience for cleaning, handling chickens, gathering eggs. (a back saver) Shade for … Read more

Best Wire Mesh For A Chicken Run – So Many Options But One Clear Winner

best wire for a chicken coop

We all want to protect our chickens from predators and from ‘flyin the coop.’ This means we need to choose the best wire mesh for a chicken run. Similar to how there are countless amounts of chicken breeds, there are plenty of different wire meshes to use. You also have to keep factors like predators, … Read more