Brahma Chickens – The Beautiful Behemoths You Want In Your Coop

Brahma Chickens

Are you looking for a chicken breed that is large, docile, and easy to care for? If so, Brahma chickens may be the perfect breed for you! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Brahma chickens, from their history and origins to their unique physical characteristics. We’ll also share some … Read more

Wyandotte Chicken Breeds – Everything You Need To Know!

best chicken breed for meat

Looking for a sweet, kid friendly, brown egg-laying, beautiful chicken breed? How about the Wyandotte! The Wyandotte chicken breeds are all-American. One of the first dual-purpose breeds created in America and these chickens have been proven to be very valuable. Wyandottes can withstand harsh winters, lay 3 to 4 large eggs each week, and stay … Read more

What Is A Novagen Chicken And Is It The Best Egg Layer Ever?

novagen chicken

Most of us have no clue what a “Novagen” chicken breed is. Novagen chicken – It sounds rather “scientific-like,” doesn’t it? That’s because it is a genetically enhanced hybrid of a chicken. As eyebrows begin to raise, it’s time to explain a little bit more about what some would say are “waddling science projects.” For … Read more

Best Egg Laying Chickens -White Eggs, Brown Eggs, And More!

(Display photo by Kelly NeilUnsplash) So you’ve made your coop…you’ve added the bedding…and now the fun part – choosing your chickens! But if you’re out for maximum egg production, some breeds will perform better than others (like Novagens). I’ve been raising chickens for over 15 years and have experimented with a few breeds and found that … Read more

Buff Orpington Chicken Breed: A Comprehensive Profile

buff orpington chicken breed

We have a breed that has all the “bells and whistles.” If you are looking for an egg-layer or source of meat, you’ve come to the right place. Families love this breed because of its “teddy-bear-like” temperament and appearance. We give you the Buff Orpington chicken breed, a very friendly, lovable chicken! Overview We can’t … Read more

Barred Rock Chicken Breed – A Comprehensive Profile

barred rock chicken breed

The Barred Rock Chicken breed (also known as Barred Plymouth Rock) is a great backyard chicken. Their sweet, laid-back nature has earned many “brownie points,” making them more of a pet than a source of food. Whether you choose to raise this variety for eggs, meat, or for pure enjoyment, Barred Rocks won’t disappoint you. … Read more