Can You Put A Chicken Coop In The Vegetable Garden?

can you put a chicken coop in a vegetable garden

Aw, yes, heaven in our backyard. We have our chickens content while free-ranging and exploring. We sit back to admire the beautiful garden we just put in that will soon bring forth tomatoes, lettuce, and all sorts of vegetables. But wait…can you put a chicken coop in the vegetable garden? Let’s hit the rewind … Read More

Buff Orpington Chicken Breed: A Comprehensive Profile

buff orpington chicken breed

We have a breed that has all the “bells and whistles.” If you are looking for an egg-layer or source of meat, you’ve come to the right place. Families love this breed because of its “teddy-bear-like” temperament and appearance. We give you the Buff Orpington chicken breed, a very friendly, lovable chicken! Overview We … Read More

Best Dual Purpose Chicken Breeds – Our Top 12

best dual purpose chicken breeds

A lot of us are starting to embrace the “old school” ways of living. Self-sustainability in this day and age is vital to have under your belt. Raising chickens is a clean way to put food on your table. Are you ready to take your chickeneering skills up a notch and try your hand … Read More

Chicken Coops For Two Chickens – Small Is Good!

Coop for two hens

Whether you’re wanting a couple chickens for eggs, as pets, or to simply just try your hand at raising a small flock of chickens, you’re not alone! Thankfully, there are many items that will work as chicken coops for two chickens, and we’ll delve into many of them here. There are thousands of people … Read More

Barred Rock Chicken Breed – A Comprehensive Profile

barred rock chicken breed

The Barred Rock Chicken breed (also known as Barred Plymouth Rock) is a great backyard chicken. Their sweet, laid-back nature has earned many “brownie points,” making them more of a pet than a source of food. Whether you choose to raise this variety for eggs, meat, or for pure enjoyment, Barred Rocks won’t disappoint … Read More

How To Hatch Chicken Eggs Without An Incubator

how to hatch eggs without an incubator

Suppose you don’t have a rooster, no worries. No incubator? No problem. Believe it or not, you don’t need either. That’s right! In this article, we’ll show you how to hatch chicken eggs without an incubator. A broody hen will take care of it for you. However, there is a process involved to get … Read More

Buying Fertilized Chicken Eggs – What You Need To Know

Buying fertilized chicken eggs

Buying fertilized chicken eggs doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, getting fertilized eggs from a breeder is a fairly easy way to have more control over your future chickens. You get to select the breed, incubate them, watch them hatch and grow. It’s a very rewarding process. If you are new to raising … Read More

8 Ways To Winterize Your Chicken Coop And Run

how to winterize chicken coop

Before the colder months creep on in, winterizing your chicken coop and run should be on the top of your list to do. Our chickens are more than backyard birds; they are pets and part of the family. We are going to show you how to keep them warm in harsh, frigid winter conditions. … Read More

Top 12 Small Chicken Breeds

top small chicken breeds

For our fellow backyard chickeneers and those beginning your journey in raising backyard chickens, we have a treat for you! We are discussing the top 12 small chicken breeds. If you’re looking for some small breeds of chickens that stand out above the others in appearance and personality, we’ve got you covered! We have … Read More

How Do I Keep My Chickens Out Of The Neighbor’s Yard?

keep chicken out of yard

Do you have one or several chickens that seem to prefer the neighbor’s yard rather than their own? Continuously going next door to gather your feathered kids and bring them home can be a pain. But, stop and think about your neighbor. Although they may not think much of it at the time, eventually, … Read More

My Chickens Are Molting! No Need To Panic And Here’s Why

molting chickens

If you have gone out to your coop to find feathers strewn about and your chickens are standing there naked, don’t panic! They are more than likely going through a natural process called molting. There’s nothing more pathetic than seeing your pet chickens bald, boney, and looking like an emaciated creature from a tarp … Read More

Chicken Coop Landscaping Ideas

chicken coop landscaping ideas

Do you have a chicken coop/run that looks like it’s missing that “extra something?” There are so many creative elements you can add to the exterior of your coop to make it attractive. Coops can be dressed up with decorative items, repurposed things, vibrant paint colors, plants, and so much more. For many chicken … Read More

Feeding Chickens Egg Shells – Is It Smart Or Not?

feeding chickens egg shells

How Eggshells Benefit Your Chickens It seems a bit weird to feed your chickens eggs in general, but eggshells? We may surprise you in telling you eggshells are a superfood for your chickens, for you, your pets, and the earth. Your chickens are producing a source of food that keeps on giving. There’s so … Read More