Top Ten New And DIY Chick Brooder Ideas – A Comprehensive Guide For Getting Your Peeps Off To A Good Start

Raising a few chicks is easy right? Buy ’em at the farm store or online, put them in your chicken coop with food and water and your done…right? Not exactly. When you first get your chicks home, they need some added care that grown chickens don’t, like warmth, safety, and the right kind of supplies … Read more

Brahma Chickens – The Beautiful Behemoths You Want In Your Coop

Brahma Chickens

Are you looking for a chicken breed that is large, docile, and easy to care for? If so, Brahma chickens may be the perfect breed for you! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Brahma chickens, from their history and origins to their unique physical characteristics. We’ll also share some … Read more

Chicken Feeder Ideas – Buy New Or Simply Build One In Minutes For Almost FREE

5 gallon bucket feeder

If you’ve landed here, you’re contemplating what type of chicken feeder to either buy or make yourself. Either way is fine, but let’s dive in and look at a variety of different chicken feeder ideas, both DIY and from the store, so you can make an informed choice! What Makes A Good Chicken Feeder? Does … Read more

Chicken Coop Siding Ideas – What’s Best For Your Coop?

chicken coop siding ideas

Siding is an important part of any chicken coop. It helps to protect the chickens from the elements and keeps them comfortable and dry. There are a variety of siding materials that can be used for chicken coops, including plywood, metal, and even recycled materials. It can seem overwhelming at times! Don’t worry, we discuss … Read more

Lean To Chicken Coops – The Simple Yet Beautifully Functional Design!

lean to coop

Wanting to save some dough but still have a sweet chicken coop? Consider looking into lean to chicken coops! They are a common chicken coop design and for good reason. The single pitched roof and 3 walled design allows you to save time and money. We will discuss the possibilities of this amazing option in … Read more