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New and DIY Chick Feeders – Our Top Picks And Why

Chick Feeders

If you are getting baby chicks, congratulations! They’re a lot of fun to raise and not overly difficult if you have the right accessories. That’s where chick feeders come in! In this article we will explore some of the best options on the market, both new and DIY, giving you a better understanding of …

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Most Docile Chicken Breed – Our Top 15 Choices

Most Docile Chicken Breeds

Wanting a laid back vibe in our flock? We get it. Having a flock of flighty chickens can make for a challenging time for us chicken owners. In this article we’ve outline a few of the most friendly chicken breeds through research and personal experience. The most docile chicken breed is really a matter …

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How To Socialize Chickens – Our Top 7 Tips

how to socialize chickens

If you own chickens, you probably already know it’s fun to watch their antics out in the coop or run. But have you spent enough time with your flock so they are used to you? If so, you may already know how to socialize chickens and understand the benefit of it. Socializing your chickens …

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Eight Tips For How To Deal With A Broody Hen

If you’ve owned chickens for any length of time, you’ve most likely had a broody hen at one point. We’ve owned many broods over the years and, almost without exception, there is a broody one (or more) every year. We used to get upset over it but now we just roll with it. It’s …

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What Is The Best Sand For Your Chicken Coop?

should i use sand for chicken coop

Finding the best litter for your chicken coop can be a bit of a journey for many chicken enthusiasts. After all, opinions can vary wildly on the topic. The best way to find out which litter works best for YOUR coop is through lots of research and experimentation. For some flock owners experimentation, or …

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Should I Install A Solar Panel On My Chicken Coop?

solar panel for chicken coop

Every chicken owner knows how important it is to keep your chicken coop well lit and ventilated. But what if you can accomplish this while also reducing your carbon footprint? You can with solar panels. While, for beginners, buying solar panels and figuring out if one will work for your farm can be difficult, …

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Raising Meat Chickens For Beginners

If you’ve been curious about raising your own meat birds but aren’t sure how, you’re not alone. Raising meat chickens for beginners can be scary if you haven’t done it before! We break down the process in this article to, hopefully, alleviate some of those fears. Chicken meat purchased from the grocery store may …

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Wyandotte Chicken Breeds – Everything You Need To Know!

best chicken breed for meat

Looking for a sweet, kid friendly, brown egg-laying, beautiful chicken breed? How about the Wyandotte! The Wyandotte chicken breeds are all-American. One of the first dual-purpose breeds created in America and these chickens have been proven to be very valuable. Wyandottes can withstand harsh winters, lay 3 to 4 large eggs each week, and …

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Can Chickens Wear Diapers?

Do Chickens Wear Diapers?

Yes, chicken diapers are real and are becoming commonly used by many chicken lovers. You don’t want to miss this read because it’s rather intriguing. Pampering our poultry has gone to an all-new level! If you’re thinking of adding diapers to your brood, read on to get all the details! Information gathering is good …

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Chicken Watering Systems

Poultry Watering Ideas

If you’ve landed here, chances are you are looking for the right direction for your chickens watering needs. If you’re situation is at all like mine, finding a way to provide good clean water for your beloved flock is harder than it seems. Chickens are beautiful birds…but they are messy! There’s no way around …

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Free Range Eggs vs Store Bought

free range vs store bought eggs

You may never view store-bought eggs in the same light as you once did after you read this. Many people will tell you, “an egg is an egg.” However, commercial chicken eggs are not the same as fresh farm eggs. Let’s take a closer look at free range eggs vs store bought! Commercial Eggs …

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Best Egg Laying Chickens -White Eggs, Brown Eggs, And More!

(Display photo by Kelly NeilUnsplash) So you’ve made your coop…you’ve added the bedding…and now the fun part – choosing your chickens! But if you’re out for maximum egg production, some breeds will perform better than others (like Novagens). I’ve been raising chickens for over 15 years and have experimented with a few breeds and found …

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Are Pasteurized Eggs More Beneficial?

Are pasteurized eggs more beneficial

  We are proud of our fresh eggs straight from the coop. But what if we were to tell you that those coveted eggs might be hiding something dangerous? Egg pasteurization can be a double dirty word for those of us who firmly believe in not washing or cleaning our collected eggs. After reading …

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Can You Put A Chicken Coop In The Vegetable Garden?

can you put a chicken coop in a vegetable garden

Aw, yes, heaven in our backyard. We have our chickens content while free-ranging and exploring. We sit back to admire the beautiful garden we just put in that will soon bring forth tomatoes, lettuce, and all sorts of vegetables. But wait…can you put a chicken coop in the vegetable garden? Let’s hit the rewind …

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Buff Orpington Chicken Breed: A Comprehensive Profile

buff orpington chicken breed

We have a breed that has all the “bells and whistles.” If you are looking for an egg-layer or source of meat, you’ve come to the right place. Families love this breed because of its “teddy-bear-like” temperament and appearance. We give you the Buff Orpington chicken breed, a very friendly, lovable chicken! Overview We …

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Chicken Coops For Two Chickens – Small Is Good!

Coop for two hens

Whether you’re wanting a couple chickens for eggs, as pets, or to simply just try your hand at raising a small flock of chickens, you’re not alone! Thankfully, there are many items that will work as chicken coops for two chickens, and we’ll delve into many of them here. There are thousands of people …

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Barred Rock Chicken Breed – A Comprehensive Profile

barred rock chicken breed

The Barred Rock Chicken breed (also known as Barred Plymouth Rock) is a great backyard chicken. Their sweet, laid-back nature has earned many “brownie points,” making them more of a pet than a source of food. Whether you choose to raise this variety for eggs, meat, or for pure enjoyment, Barred Rocks won’t disappoint …

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How To Hatch Chicken Eggs Without An Incubator

how to hatch eggs without an incubator

Suppose you don’t have a rooster, no worries. No incubator? No problem. Believe it or not, you don’t need either. That’s right! In this article, we’ll show you how to hatch chicken eggs without an incubator. A broody hen will take care of it for you. However, there is a process involved to get …

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8 Ways To Winterize Your Chicken Coop And Run

how to winterize chicken coop

Before the colder months creep on in, winterizing your chicken coop and run should be on the top of your list to do. Our chickens are more than backyard birds; they are pets and part of the family. We are going to show you how to keep them warm in harsh, frigid winter conditions. …

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Top 12 Small Chicken Breeds

top small chicken breeds

For our fellow backyard chickeneers and those beginning your journey in raising backyard chickens, we have a treat for you! We are discussing the top 12 small chicken breeds. If you’re looking for some small breeds of chickens that stand out above the others in appearance and personality, we’ve got you covered! We have …

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Chicken Coop Landscaping Ideas

chicken coop landscaping ideas

Do you have a chicken coop/run that looks like it’s missing that “extra something?” There are so many creative elements you can add to the exterior of your coop to make it attractive. Coops can be dressed up with decorative items, repurposed things, vibrant paint colors, plants, and so much more. For many chicken …

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