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How To Socialize Chickens – Our Top 7 Tips

how to socialize chickens

If you own chickens, you probably already know it’s fun to watch their antics out in the coop or run. But have you spent enough time with your flock so they are used to you? If so, you may already know how to socialize chickens and understand the benefit of it. Socializing your chickens …

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Eight Tips For How To Deal With A Broody Hen

If you’ve owned chickens for any length of time, you’ve most likely had a broody hen at one point. We’ve owned many broods over the years and, almost without exception, there is a broody one (or more) every year. We used to get upset over it but now we just roll with it. It’s …

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What Is The Best Sand For Your Chicken Coop?

should i use sand for chicken coop

Finding the best litter for your chicken coop can be a bit of a journey for many chicken enthusiasts. After all, opinions can vary wildly on the topic. The best way to find out which litter works best for YOUR coop is through lots of research and experimentation. For some flock owners experimentation, or …

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