My Chickens Are Molting! No Need To Panic And Here’s Why

molting chickens

If you have gone out to your coop to find feathers strewn about and your chickens are standing there naked, don’t panic! They are more than likely going through a natural process called molting. There’s nothing more pathetic than seeing your pet chickens bald, boney, and looking like an emaciated creature from a tarp pit. … Read more

Chicken Coop Landscaping Ideas

chicken coop landscaping ideas

Do you have a chicken coop/run that looks like it’s missing that “extra something?” There are so many creative elements you can add to the exterior of your coop to make it attractive. Coops can be dressed up with decorative items, repurposed things, vibrant paint colors, plants, and so much more. For many chicken owners, … Read more

Feeding Chickens Egg Shells – Is It Smart Or Not?

feeding chickens egg shells

How Eggshells Benefit Your Chickens It seems a bit weird to feed your chickens eggs in general, but eggshells? We may surprise you in telling you eggshells are a superfood for your chickens, for you, your pets, and the earth. Your chickens are producing a source of food that keeps on giving. There’s so much … Read more

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Chicken Coop

how to keep snakes out of a chicken coop

Most of us loathe snakes of any kind. Going out to gather eggs from the coop has proven to give many chicken owners a shocking scare. A snake curled up in the nesting box around the eggs sends chills up and down the spine. Far worse, blindly reaching in to get the eggs, you discover … Read more