Chicken Watering Systems

Poultry Watering Ideas

If you’ve landed here, chances are you are looking for the right direction for your chickens watering needs. If you’re situation is at all like mine, finding a way to provide good clean water for your beloved flock is harder than it seems. Chickens are beautiful birds…but they are messy! There’s no way around …

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Free Range Eggs vs Store Bought

free range vs store bought eggs

You may never view store-bought eggs in the same light as you once did after you read this. Many people will tell you, “an egg is an egg.” However, commercial chicken eggs are not the same as fresh farm eggs. Let’s take a closer look at free range eggs vs store bought! Commercial Eggs …

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Do Chickens Need Vaccinations? The Answer May Surprise You

should chickens get vaccinated

Most of us would never even think of vaccinating chickens. After all, they are, well, yardbirds. Contrary to that school of thought, chickens require care just as any other pet would, and that includes ensuring they are properly vaccinated. But do chickens NEED vaccinations? The answer is yes or no, depending who you talk …

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What Is A Novagen Chicken And Is It The Best Egg Layer Ever?

novagen chicken

Most of us have no clue what a “Novagen” chicken breed is. Novagen chicken – It sounds rather “scientific-like,” doesn’t it? That’s because it is a genetically enhanced hybrid of a chicken. As eyebrows begin to raise, it’s time to explain a little bit more about what some would say are “waddling science projects.” …

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Best Egg Laying Chickens -White Eggs, Brown Eggs, And More!

(Display photo by Kelly NeilUnsplash) So you’ve made your coop…you’ve added the bedding…and now the fun part – choosing your chickens! But if you’re out for maximum egg production, some breeds will perform better than others. I’ve been raising chickens for over 15 years and have experimented with a few breeds and found that some …

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Are Pasteurized Eggs More Beneficial?

Are pasteurized eggs more beneficial

  We are proud of our fresh eggs straight from the coop. But what if we were to tell you that those coveted eggs might be hiding something dangerous? Egg pasteurization can be a double dirty word for those of us who firmly believe in not washing or cleaning our collected eggs. After reading …

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