10 Urban Chicken Coop Designs – Plus Other Ideas And Tips For Your “Chicks In The City”

urban chicken coop designs

For us city-folks, we have limited space for raising chickens. Finding the right coop that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and adds value and beauty to a backyard is important. We have some really nifty ideas, plans, and tips to house your flock right outside your back door! See these lovely urban chicken … Read more

Chicken Coop Building Materials- It Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Chicken coops can be made from almost anything – revamping an old shed or camping trailer, using scrap lumber, PVC pipes, 50 gallon barrels, tarps, kits, pallets, and the list goes on. Wood is the most commonly used material for coop building. Depending on the size of your coop, buying new lumber can get expensive. … Read more

Chicken Coop Landscaping Ideas

chicken coop landscaping ideas

Do you have a chicken coop/run that looks like it’s missing that “extra something?” There are so many creative elements you can add to the exterior of your coop to make it attractive. Coops can be dressed up with decorative items, repurposed things, vibrant paint colors, plants, and so much more. For many chicken owners, … Read more