10 Urban Chicken Coop Designs – Plus Other Ideas And Tips For Your “Chicks In The City”

For us city-folks, we have limited space for raising chickens. Finding the right coop that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and adds value and beauty to a backyard is important. We have some really nifty ideas, plans, and tips to house your flock right outside your back door! See these lovely urban chicken coop designs below.

urban chicken coop designs

Urban vs. Rural: Choosing The Right Coop

Raising chickens in an urban area is different compared to the country. In rural areas, you really don’t have to pay attention to the overall aesthetic appeal of a coop.

Urban areas, that’s a whole new ballgame. Your neighbors won’t appreciate your having a makeshift coop that fails to contain your chickens.

Backyard coops are, for the most part, visible to your neighbors and may even be visible to those passing by if you are on a corner lot.

An urban coop should have three things; attractiveness, functionality, and protection for your chickens. Coops range in sizes and prices to buy or build. You don’t have to go broke to have the right type of coop.

Things To Consider

Before we run out into our backyards and start building a coop all willy nilly or buying one online, we need to ask ourselves if it’s the right size.

The last thing we want to do is stuff ten chickens in a coop meant for only a few. Even worse, where are we going to put our coop? Our backyard is full, and we haven’t made room for chickens, much less a coop.

  • Select the right size coop.
  • Place it in an area of the backyard where it’s attractive and protected from predators.
  • Set a budget on how much you want to spend.
  • Decide when you will build or assemble your coop.

If you want to learn more about coop size requirements and setting up your coop, see this guide.

Coops For Everyone’s Styles And Tastes

We have researched various coop styles, plans, and ideas to give you ten possible urban coops to choose from. If you are creative, you can easily use one of the below coops as a starting point to build upon.

Easy To Build PVC Coop

If you are looking for something super simple to build and budget-friendly, the PVC coop fits the bill!

urban chicken coop design
This coop idea is available at PVCplans.com

It is minimalist in appearance but very functional. You will need to provide your chickens some type of shelter where they can nest and be protected from the elements. Add a feeder and waterer, and you’re all set.

Holds Up To: 4-5 chickens. Click Here To Build

A-Frame That Gets An A+

A-frame coops are highly functional and add a dimensional effect to a backyard. The great feature about this coop is you have the option to add wheels to make it a tractor for portability and to provide your chickens a variety of placement.

city chicken coop plans
Coop Instructions at Ana-White.com

Holds Up To: 3-5 chickens. Click Here To Build

Extended A-Frame

You get the appeal and functionality in an A-Frame coop on steroids!

Holds Up To: 5-7 chickens. Click Here To Build

Raised Hutch-Like Coop

This raised coop is cute as a button and easy to build. A coat of vibrantly-colored paint will make a drabby corner of your backyard pop with life.

Plant some beautiful flowers around the coop, and you have a gorgeous conversation starter right outside your patio door!

Coop Design at TheTangledNest.com

Holds Up To: 3-5 chickens. Click Here To Build

The Wild-Wild West

For those of us who love rustic style, this coop is the bomb! Although it requires a little more skill and time to build, the end result is a definite winner to liven up your backyard.

Coop design at Backyard Chickens

Holds Up To: 5 chickens. Click Here To Build

Ingenious Plastic Storage Bin and Dog Crate Combination

If you are one that loves repurposing things or coming up with something super unique, this coop’s for you. By converting an outdoor plastic storage bin into a coop and attaching it to a metal dog crate, you have yourself a coop AND a run!

Coop design from ToastyFrog

Holds Up To: 3 chickens. Click Here To Build

Easy To Assemble Plastic Backyard Coop

If you are like some of us who aren’t into building or creating, we have an easy solution! Why not try a snap-together chicken coop? Easy peasy!

Coop design at Backyard Chickens

Holds Up To: 3-5 chickens. Click Here To Build

Charming Little Chicken House

For a flock of 2-3 chickens, this little dollhouse-like coop is perfect. Placing it along your fence, in a corner, or in your garden to brighten and cheer up the area. What neighbor wouldn’t love this little chicken house?

Coop design at Backyard Chickens

Holds Up To: 4 chickens. Click Here To Build

Traditional Raised Lean-To

Looking for something a little bit bigger that’s raised up off the ground? You can build this coop in a weekend!

Coop design at Construct101

Holds Up To: 4-5 chickens. Click Here To Build

Snap-Lock Plastic Coop

We couldn’t resist adding one more easy-to-assemble option for those who don’t want to pull out the hammer, nails, and saw. Here’s a plastic snap-together coop in small or large!

Coop design at Rita Marie’s

Small Coop Holds Up To: 3-4 chickens

Coop design at Rita Marie’s

Large Coop Holds Up To: 5-7 chickens. Click Here To Build

If You Build It…They Will Come

If you aren’t quite at the point of having a flock yet, we recommend that you take some time to choose a coop.

Many of us raising backyard chickens get so excited that we put the cart before the horse without proper planning, and guess what happens? We end up with a coop we aren’t happy with. You’d be surprised at how many people go through at least 2 coops before they find one they are truly content with.

Finding the right style and size of coop are the most important things to keep in mind. If you find a coop that you fall in love with, yet your skills at building one are questionable, why not learn to build one? See this article to learn how

Take your time building it and putting the finishing touches on it. Trust us, when you are done, the reward of having done it yourself is immeasurable.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy “Chickening.”

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