115 Chicken Coop Names – Uber Creative Names for a Coop AND Sign Ideas

Chicken owners are adding some flair to their flock’s coop. By giving your coop a name, you are adding character and personality to what would otherwise be the four walls that house your chickens!

We all know that your chickens are going to care less whether their coop is bland or popping with flair and personality. However, pour some fun and a whole lot of yourself into creating something amusing! Naming your coop (and decorating it) is a fun family project.

So, let’s get to coming up with a name for your coop, and we’ll go even further by giving you some inspirational ideas to go with a coop name.

If you’re still in the planning phase of building your coop, read our comprehensive guide.

Creative Chicken Coop Names

This is the part where you go out to your chicken coop and stand in front of it. Your chickens may think you’ve lost your mind, but when you look at your coop, what comes to mind? Perhaps your coop needs some inspiration before naming it. Does it look like it needs a paint job that makes it bright and cheerful? Maybe adding some decor will help you meander down the path to naming the coop. We’ll include some of those inspirational ideas to spruce up a coop next to our off-the-wall, quirky, and whimsical names below.

Politically Inspired Coop Names

With the approaching presidential election, we just couldn’t resist coming up with some coop names that will definitely set your coop apart from the rest!


Coop color scheme: yellow, orange, red, and blue

Yellow – Trump’s famous hairdo color
Orange – Trump’s overall rich tanned skin
Red – Republican’s color and the color of necktie Trump wears frequently
Blue – Trump’s frequent suit color

Biden’s Biddies

Coop color scheme: white, blue

White – Biden’s hair color
Blue – Democrat’s color and the most often color of suit Biden wears

Trump Tower

Coop color: black and metallic gold

Inspiration Idea: the tackier, the better…add golden statues, bricks painted gold, and an old gold chandelier.


Coop color scheme: white, light grays

Inspirational Idea: add a rounded path in front of the coop with red mulch and place a water feature/fountain in the center out front.

Oval Office

Coop color scheme: shades of yellow, gold, blue

Inspirational Idea: add a presidential seal plate to the exterior of the coop.

chicken coop names

Capitol Hill

Coop color scheme: white, light grays

Inspirational Idea: add some repurposed precast cement stairs (painted white/gray) to the front of your coop to complete the overall look

Famous Places Coop Names

Why travel when you can create the perfect destination right out in your own backyard? Transform your chicken coop into a famous destination.


Turn your coop into a Danish delight with bright colors found in buildings of Copenhagen.

Coop colors: bright yellow, pink, blue, or green

Inspirational Idea: Add a hand-painted sign that says “Chickenhagen: Dansk honsehus” (Danish for chicken coop.)

Chickingham Palace

If royalty and luxury is something you want to lavishly transform your coop to, go for it! We’re sure the Brits won’t mind.


Kids will love naming the coop after a magical place such as Disneyland. Add a lot of Mickey Mouse and the right colors, and voila, you have “Chickneyland!”

Chicksonian Museum

For those of you who want to stick to naming your coop something a bit more intellectually-based and curiosity-ladened, go with a chicken version of the Smithsonian.


If your girls are rather well endowed and plump, naming your coop after the iconic Dolly Parton’s Dollywood fits the bill.

Easter Island

“Easter Island” is perfect if you have Easter Eggers. Easter Island is a Polynesian island in the South Pacific.

HitchCock Hotel

Both humor and certain innuendos back a name like HitchCock Hotel. Whether you choose it for Alfred Hitchcok’s quirky personality or other reasons, it will definitely set your coop apart!

More Destination Coop Names!

  • Henpire State Bldg.
  • Lean’n Tower of Chicka
  • Machu Chicku
  • Mt. Ever Roost
  • Route Chicktysix
  • Statue of Chickery
  • Taj Chickhal

Mmm Good! Foodie Coop Names

For you “foodies” out there, we have some salivating name ideas for your chicken coop!

  • The Broil Hut
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Chick-Vil-la (villa)
  • Chicken ‘n Dumplins
  • Chicken Fix’ns
  • Chicken Kitchen
  • Chicken Noodle Coop
  • Deviled Egg Inn
  • Egg-Mc-Hut’n
  • Egg-Plant
  • Eggopolis
  • KFC
  • The Omelette Factory
  • Ova-eezy
  • Pawp-Eyes
  • Scramble Hut
  • Scramble Shack
  • Sunny-Side Up
  • Pop-Culture Coop Names

Pop-Culture Coop Names

If you prefer more of a hip, modern name for your coop that is young and full of life, why not reach for something that “pops” with personality?

  • 902’hen’0
  • Chick Jagger’s House
  • Chik-Tok
  • Chix in the City
  • Full House
  • Heidi Plume’s Pad
  • Roo Paul’s Roost

Timeless Coop Names

Choose a coop name that’s reminiscent of old times that takes you back to the good ole days!

  • Bantams of the Opera
  • Chickie-coat Junction
  • Chook le Maison
  • Chooks of Hazard
  • Knight’n gals (Nightingales)
  • The Vintage Feather
  • Golden Girls
  • Graceland
  • Green Acres
  • H.R. Cluck ‘n Stuff
  • Lady Bird’s Estate
  • Little House on the Prairie

Breakfast at Chickanny’s

The movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is something most “older” folks enjoyed watching back in the 60s. You can easily transform your coop into Tiffany & Co. with the right paint color!

Coop color scheme: teal/turquoise and white

Inspirational Idea: paint the coop teal/turquoise and accent with white to paint the ribbon around the coop. Top the coop off with a giant-sized white bow.

House of Faberge

Elegance and opulence best describe the famous Faberge eggs. These beautiful pieces of art are encrusted with diamonds and jewels. While your chickens may not lay such rich eggs, you can replicate a luxurious ambiance with naming your coop the “House of Faberge!”

Coop color scheme: metallic gold, ruby red, sapphire blue, and metallic silver.

best chicken coop names

Fun, Funny, and Funnier Coop Names

  • Batty Birds
  • Beaker Box
  • Breasty Gals
  • Cheep B&B
  • Chick Magnet
  • Chickago Mafia
  • Chicken Church
  • Chicken Digs
  • Chicken Mission
  • Chickmas Hut
  • Chickomonium
  • Chiki-Hut
  • CIA (Chicks in Action)
  • Coop Troop
  • Cuckoo Nest
  • Dirt Dancers
  • Doodie Drop Inn
  • Easter Peeps
  • Empty Nesters
  • Feather Frenzy
  • Feather Frothel
  • Fowl Factory
  • Fowl Odor
  • Get’n Laid
  • Grit Grinders
  • Hen Pen
  • Hen Hole ‘n the Wall
  • The Henitentiary
  • Hilarious Hens
  • HOA (Hens on Adventure)
  • Lay-Away
  • Loco Pollo
  • Lucky Cluck’s Place
  • Mission Control
  • Nerd Birds
  • Nerdy Nest
  • Nugget Beach
  • Pampered Poultry
  • Pecker Pad
  • Peep Show
  • Poo Pushers
  • Pullet Party House
  • Roost Retreat
  • Rooster Rodeo
  • Rusty Roost
  • Strut’n Such
  • Twerk’n Birds
  • Twerk-Inn
  • Waddler’s Wayfarer
  • Yankee Yardbirds
  • Yard Bird Condo
  • Zen Hens

The Last “Cluck”

We hope we have given you some ideas for a great coop name. The crazier the name, the more you and others will enjoy your chickens and the coop. Once you do name the coop, you may find yourself referring to it in everyday conversation. As others hear you talking about your coop (by name), you may find eyebrows begin to rise as they wonder who on earth has a “Whitehouse” or “Trump Tower” in their backyard?

Best of luck in naming your coop. Share your unique coop name below. We love to hear from fellow chickeneers!

Oh and if you’re looking for some great names for your chickens, check out our list of chicken names to go with your freshly named coop.

Happy “chickening!”

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