Cheap Chicken Coop Ideas For The Budget-Minded Chook Lover

Boy, are you in for a treat! We’ve got some crazy cool suggestions for a dreamy chicken coop that won’t cost you your firstborn!

If you are new to raising chickens and shopping for a coop, don’t buy something just yet! We’ve got some cheap chicken coop ideas, and places to point you to that will save you a heap of money.

Figuring Out What Size Coop You Need

Before you start building or shopping, we have to figure out just how big or little of a coop you need. It’s fairly easy to figure out how much square footage you’ll need.

To make it uber easy for those of us who are a little “math-challenged,” we’ve got a chart below with everything you need to come up with the perfect size coop.

how to save money on coop costs

Different Types Of Chicken Coops

You’d be surprised to learn there are different types and styles of chicken coops. Not all are limited to the standard outback converted woodshed.

Chicken enthusiasts are taking the plain-jane coop to all-new levels with beauty, functionality, and creativity. We can almost bet you there are chicken coop architects out there designing away trying to create something extravagant and unimaginable when it comes to the comfort and protection of our chickens.

Quick Chicken Coop 101…

Coop vs. Run

Many newbies to raising chickens may not understand the difference between a run and a coop. It’s pretty important to know the difference for the sake of your chicken’s health and protection.


Indoor shelters that provide protection from the elements of weather and predators. Nesting boxes and roosts are inside the coop. Think of the coop as a chicken’s “house.”


Areas that are typically protected with wire to protect the chickens from predators. Runs are a chicken’s outdoor play area where they can have fresh air, a place to eat and socialize.

Stationary vs. Mobile/Portable

Chicken coops are typically either stationary or portable/mobile.


Most chicken coops are not designed or built to move around.


These chicken coops are often referred to as “tractor coops” because of the mobility and the wheels on one end to make it portable. This type of coop is ideal if you want to move your flock within a controlled area.

Where to Look For a Coop

You can either buy or build your own chicken coop. Keep in mind that when you buy a budget-minded coop, you can expect to pay about $150 to $8,000. The larger your flock, the more the coop will cost. F those of you who have a medium to large flock, building your own coop costs a lot less! In fact, if you use repurposed materials, your out of pocket costs are very minimal.


You can sometimes get lucky and find in-store small cheap chicken coops demos that have been marked down. If not, you will typically purchase a boxed coop that contains parts to assemble.


The advantage of buying online is you can shop around from the comfort of your home. Competitive pricing online gives you the advantage of finding affordable chicken coops. The coop arrives prepacked in a box and requires assembly.

Let’s not forget a resource we fail to check when it comes to coops! Facebook Marketplace is a great place to check for used chicken coops. You can access this by selecting the little storefront icon at the top of your Facebook page. You’ll need to make sure your search is within your local proximity.

Building vs. Buying

For those of you who are crafty and creative, this option allows you to hone in on inexpensive chicken coop ideas. You can either use a “plan” (blueprints) or do it from scratch, all on your own. DIY coops can either be built with repurposed materials or brand-spanking-new supplies from a lumber/hardware store.

Many of you ask, “What’s better, pre-manufactured coop or a homebuilt coop?” Well, the answer to my friends comes down to convenience, time, and budget. If you don’t have time or the “know-how” to build, of course, it makes sense to buy from a retailer. If you DO have time and either want to learn how to build one or you already have the skills, we’d say go for it!

Having the extra added element of a creative mind is a really good reason to do a DIY coop. Now when it comes to those of us who don’t have fat wallets, you might lean more towards a DIY coop made from repurposed materials. The only drawback to this is you have to be willing to get out there and find those materials and then be able to construct a coop from them. A lot of people have fun hunting for coop materials! It’s a project that the whole family can get involved in.

inexpensive chicken coop ideas

A Few Cheap Chicken Coop Ideas!

Since we have given a few things to “chew” on, let’s get to the meat of the subject and see what we can come up with for ideas on a coop you can afford.

Your coop needs to have:

  • 4 walls

  • An entrance that you can fit in and one that your chickens can use.

  • Roof

  • Nesting Boxes

  • Roost

  • Climate Necessities; fan, heater, lighting, insulation

  • Protection from predators

Purchase From a Retailer

You don’t have to worry about most of the above components because a pre-made coop has everything except climate necessities (and possibly nesting boxes/roost.)

Small and medium chicken coops online will easily accommodate up to 7 chickens for $200-$500.

DIY: Inexpensive Chicken Coop Ideas

When it comes to cheap chicken coops, DIY method is generally the most affordable route to take.

Build From Plans

There are numerous styles and varying complexities with coop plans. If you choose to build your own coop, it’s best to explore the different plans and opt for a plan that fits your skills. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking on a project that you end up second-guessing yourself on to get it finished.

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Build With Repurposed Materials

You can build just about anything with other people’s junk or items sitting around in your own backyard. It’s difficult to see beyond a junky door, wood pallet, or old fencing laying around. But you’ll be inspired by a few creations that others have managed to put together to build a chicken coop. We have a few links to some coops that will make you go, “Wow!”

The Last “Cluck”

Regardless of what type of chicken coop you do decide to buy or build, we know your chickens will be happy in it. And if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll end up adding on to the coop and going all out with different decors and furnishings.

Best wishes on your coop endeavors!

Happy “chickening!”

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