Chicken Coops Under $200

Depending on your needs, buying an expensive chicken coop may not be necessary. If you’re looking for an affordable coop for a few laying hens in your yard, you can either build or buy one.

When I built my own coop, I wanted it to be big enough so there would be room to grow my flock but not break the bank. That was over 10 years ago, and there weren’t nearly as many chicken coop options available as there are today. In fact, many coops today can be purchased for under $200.

Having said that…you will get what you pay for sometimes, right?? But there are a few good options in this price range to consider. In many, a few simple revisions can be made to make a “cheap chicken coop” into a decent, affordable, functional coop for your flock.

In the “under $200” price range, just know that you will rarely get a large coop which can house more than around 4 chickens. However – we DID find a few options in the price point that will house up to 8! So they can be found.

Below are a few of the most common Chicken houses available…I’ve summarized reviews, providing both positive and negatively reviewed products so you have a good idea of what you’re buying. We never buy any product online unless we have a good feeling about it’s quality (or lack thereof). We’re hoping you find just the right chicken coop for your flock!

The coops are listed below in no particular order…

Best Choice Products 80in Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop Hen House Poultry Cage w/Wire Fence for 4 Birds, Farm – Brown

  • Price: $175.94 on Amazon
  • Houses up to 4 chickens.
  • Has removable sliding tray – this helps a lot if you plan to clean your coop often. If you’re planning to use the deep litter method, it may not be necessary.
  • Rainproof roof.
  • Nicely ventilated with 2 sliding windows.
  • Easy access to nesting boxes with open and close design.
  • Dimensions: 79.5″ (L) x 26.5″ (W) x 51.5″ (H)
What Others Say…

PROS – Overall, it get’s positive reviews for it’s ease of access and how easy it was to assemble.

  • Easy To Assemble
  • Nice compact design
  • Easy to Access Eggs
  • Pull out tray very useful and convenient
  • Looks Good

CONS  – There are a fair number of complaints that reviewers aired…here are the most common. Caveat: many mentioned that the inherent “flaws” could be remedied by purchasing a few more items from the store…

  • Too light – a strong wind could blow it over.
  • Nest box door not secured.
  • Nest Box floor has gaps large enough for predators to enter.
  • Window holes are large enough for predators to fit through – many reviewers added mesh wire.
  • Seemed too small for 4 chickens.
  • Wood felt soft.
  • Materials don’t always stand up to the weather i.e. warping over time.

Overall, this coop received more positive than negative reviews but many people had to make multiple revisions to the coop after purchase such as: securing it to the ground so it wouldn’t blow away, reinforcing the bottom of the nest boxes and floor, and adding latches. If you live in a particularly wet area, it may not hold up to the elements over time.

So for the price, it may suit your needs just fine as long as you’re willing to put a bit more money into it to make it a bit stronger. 

Best Choice Products 66in Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop w/Nesting Hen House Poultry Cage – Brown

  • Price: $147.99 on Amazon
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Dimensions: 66.1 x 32.8 x 40.5 inches
  • Easy access for gathering eggs
  • Slide out floor for easy cleaning
  • Sliding access door
  • Holds 3-5 chickens
What Others Say…


  • Easy to Assemble/Good Instructions
  • Affordable price
  • Good roofing materials – and same materials on walk ramp for added grip/durability.
  • Company offers good customer service
  • Attractive design


  • The set up comes gets mailed in 2 separate boxes and some reviewers had to call the company to request the second box
  • Some wood components warp after it rains, making doors hard to close, some parts lifting up etc.
  • Predator proofing not adequate for large predators
  • Very light – may need something to anchor to the ground in stronger winds

The price, ease of assembly, quality roofing materials, and holds 3-5 hens are the positive features of this coop. The down side is the wood parts can warp after it rains, and that the 2 boxes that get shipped don’t always arrive together.

This coop may be great if you live in an area with few large predators of the Coyote, Fox, or Raccoon variety. It can keep out aerial predators just fine. As one would imagine…the product is reasonably priced but may need some additional revisions by the owner to make it better. 

Pawhut 91″ Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch/Chicken Coop w/Outdoor Run

What Others Say…


  • Price is good for amount of space
  • Slide out floor handy for easy cleaning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good Roofing materials
  • A bit larger than comparable coops in this price range


  • Flimsy Materials
  • Modifications made to make it stronger
  • No roost or nest box
  • Warps in wet weather
  • Seemed to rate better for Rabbits than for Chickens

For chickens, it does not include a nest box. For the money, many people described it as a good starter coop which worked better for chicks. It’s lightweight and roofing materials seemed adequate. It’s also an attractive looking coop so the neighbors may not mind seeing it in your yard either. Some of the wood materials seemed a bit flimsy to others, who were concerned about possible warping. It’s also a bit larger than many comparable coops in this price range.

For the price, this can be a good coop but it may require some additional materials on the part of the coop owner like adding locks to the doors, and installing a roost and nest box area. 

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Bottom Can be Removed for Easy Cleaning, 1-Year Warranty

  • Price: $169.99 on Amazon
  • Holds 3-4 chickens
  • 3 bottom floor panels can be lifted out for easy cleaning
  • Nesting box with divider and hinges to lift lid from the outside
  • 1 year warranty
  • Rain resistant
  • Dimension: 53″L X 25″W X 28″H
  • Wood is Cedar
What Others Say...


  • Roof can be removed for easy cleaning, and some people added hinges to it to aid in this process vs nailing it down
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal modifications needed
  • Adequate space for more than 4 chickens, with some people having up to 7 or 8.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive Design


  • Some people complained the wood warped when it rained
  • May not hold up well in harsher cold conditions without additional covering
  • A few complaints about floor design

Compared to other coops in its price range, this one ranked better overall because it has a roost and nest box inside and, although it’s not perfect, the materials are more solid than in other designs. Fewer revisions needed to be made overall. Some positive reviews stated the coop is doing well after 3 years, showing it can better stand the test of time. Many reviewers either painted or added more protection against the elements to make it more durable in inclement weather.

Also, many owners of this coop felt that the company accurately represented the number of chickens this coop can hold at 4 chickens. There were other reviewers who said the coop could hold up to 8 chickens, but this was not typical.

For overall value, we’d pick this coop over many of the others in this price range.  The materials may not be as high end as in more expensive coops, but most reviewers were not having to make as many adjustments to the coop right out of the box. In other similarly priced competitors, this was a more common issue.