Top Ten Chicken Names…Plus 100 More: Uber Unique!

So, you’ve got some chickens, but now you have to name them appropriately. But what in the world do people name their chickens?

We don’t want you sitting there in a lawn chair staring at your chooks while waiting for a name revelation to pop into your head. Life’s too short for that. We are going to hook you up with some suggestions for names to get you inspired.

If you’re new to chickens and still have to pick out a great breed, read this article first.

best chicken names

Deciding on a Name is a Process

We’re going to assume you have a few chickens in your flock waiting to be named. But let’s do this one chicken at a time. So, grab a chair and have a sit. We’re going to stare at your chickens for a little bit, one chicken at a time.

  • When you look at the chicken, are there certain characteristics that stand out? 
    • Size
    • Color/Pattern
    • Personality 
    • Behavior
  • Does your chicken resemble a food item? No, don’t laugh. We have a lot of “foodies” out there who name their chickens after foods. 
  • Is your chicken a gal or guy?
  • Does your chicken act funny, smart, goofy, or like they are a sandwich missing the meat and cheese?

Are you now looking at your chickens thinking all sorts of odd things now that we perked up some points to ponder? Let’s get the meat of the subject and dive into the top ten chicken names PLUS many more!

Top Ten Chicken Name Categories

We have broken all of the super-unique best chicken names up by categories. This helps you to find a name easily. Have fun!

Typical Pet Chicken Names

If you don’t mind sticking with chicken names that are quite common, we’ve listed a few of the most common names given to chickens. 

Chick-Chick Chickie Big Bird Chicken Little Henrietta
Gerdy Tilly Heddy Waddles Foghorn

Cute Chicken Names

These names are perfect if your chicken has a spunky personality!

Chickelodeon Pippi Crackers Waddles Chickles
Buttons Chumley Turbo Pepsi Iddy

Funny Chicken Names

Funny chicken names are quite similar to cute names. However, you can’t help but give your chicken an unusual name because they aren’t your typical chicken!

Tater Birdee Honeybutter Beeker Chiccup
Houdini Dewdie Cornflake Eggzcavator Chookloop

Male Rooster Names

Guys, we don’t want to leave you out. We know, you’re surrounded by the opposite sex, but here are a few names for your roosters to beef up the flock!

Buddha Bubba Batman Bacardi PacMan
Yeti Taz Benz Maddog Beevus

Female Chicken Names

Give your gals a sweet girly-girl name. After all, she is a diva chick!

Buttercup Gidget Iggy Gypsy Cookie
Minnie Pearl Butterbean Sugar Tootsie Dayzee

Designer Chicken Names

If you can’t afford to live a luxurious life, you can at least give your chickens a name that exudes luxury and elegance! 

Burberry Cabury Cartier Liberace Starbuck
Botticelli Gucci Mercedes Tesla Versace

Celebrity Chicken Names

Yes, we can’t forget to include some famously paired names to come up with a celebrity chicken name. You can get creative and go even further and come up with your own. 

Chickardashian Mark Cluckerbird Wolfgang Cluck Cluck Yeager Clucky Lucino
Clucker Carlson Chickie Mantel Chookie Betts Chicky Brinkley Chickeel O’Neil

Foodie Chicken Names

Those of us who are foodies will love these names. These names are fun and yummy!

Purdue Twinkie Butterball Meringue Chikfeelay (Chik-fil-A)
Kayeffcie (KFC) Nugget Marsala Eggo Peepz
Eggland Snickers Moonpie Skittles Mocha
Cawfay Latte Shortbread Klondike Chili

Crazy Chicken Names

We can’t forget to throw in a dab of bizarre with some names that will definitely set your chicken apart from all the others!

Chiknpocks Chickmund Freud Salmon Ella Morticia Cuckoo
Chiksophrenia Frizzo Hitchcock Cockamamie Banshee

Retro Chicken Names

Why not give your chickens a little love with a name that is reminiscent of yesteryears?

Elvis Ethel Audrey Chickburn Lauren Chickall Matilda
Hazel Mabel Maude Clementine Sage

chicken names

Can Chickens Recognize Their Names When Called?

Chickens are very intelligent birds. They are capable of doing arithmetic and learning to do other activities. People discount these creatures as nothing but poultry that walks about the earth. Spending time with your chicken and allowing them to become acquainted with you is important. Once they are comfortable around you, you can begin to work with them on learning their name. 

Saying a chicken’s name aloud as you approach them will help them to understand there’s an association going on there. Reward them with a treat when they come to you after calling them by name. It takes time, but with a little patience, you can simply call Henrietta from a distance, and Henrietta will come running.

It’s a gratifying endeavor to take on. You’ll enjoy the process because believe it or not, you end up learning a lot from them as they learn from you! The interaction between human and chicken is something underappreciated. 

If you want to read more about chicken behavior and how they communicate, here is a great book on the topic: How To Speak Chicken: Why Your Chickens Do What They Do & Say What They Say by Melissa Caughey.

The Last “Cluck”

As chicken lovers, we all draw energy on the companionship and entertainment our beloved chooks give to us. You’ll find that giving your chickens a name they can own, the relationship between you and them grows closer. You give them a special gift that only a human can provide, and that’s an endearing way to recognize them as more than an animal.

Happy “chickening!”

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