Eglu Chicken Coop Review – Before You Spend Your Money, Read This

A Review On The Eglu Cube Chicken Coop

Boy, have we got a beauty of a coop for you! Not only is it oddly futuristic in appearance, but it’s also portable with options to expand the run size. The Eglu Cube has become a favorite for backyard chickeneers that prefer something other than a stationary coop.

So, let’s unpack this bad boy and see what we’ve got!

Photo From Eglu Website

The Company Behind The Eglu Cube

Who knew that a few friends attending London’s Royal College of Art would go on to create branding with the Eglu product line? Those friends started a company called “Omlet.” Whimsy is intertwined throughout the company and its products!

Based in the U.K., Omlet produces modern, sleek housing for pets that are uber easy to clean. Omlet provides solutions for not only chickens but dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs/hamsters/gerbils, bees, and birds. Everything from coops, crates, cages, toys, and enhancements for pet housing is sold by Omlet.

Omlet has locations in nine different countries. They started with a vision to create pet housing that was easy to clean, durable and appealing to the eye. Pet owners spend less time cleaning and more time with their pets with Omlet’s products.

Omlet created the product line “Eglu,” which was inspired by an igloo. Now, the iconic Eglu line of products is quickly finding its way into the homes of pet owners around the world!

Check out the product on the company website.

Introducing The Eglu Cube Coop

At first glance, the Eglu Cube somewhat resembles a pickup cap/top that goes over the bed of the truck. But the coop also looks like a floating alien spaceship. The artistic interpretation of this coop most likely includes other opinions on what it looks like. These things are what sets the Eglu Cube apart from other coops.

Bright lime green or eye-popping pink are the colors the Eglu Cube comes in. You will definitely never have a problem locating your coop with such bright, cheerful colors!

The Specifics Of The Eglu Cube

When you purchase this coop, you get everything you need in one package. Let’s take a closer look and open the box to see what you get.

What’s Included

  • Housing unit (coop)
  • Roosting bars
  • Slide-out floor tray for easy cleaning
  • Integrated nesting box with a partition for privacy
  • Eggport that opens to easily collect eggs.
  • Non-slip ladder
  • Feeder
  • Waterer
  • Run area that attaches to the coop.
  • It comes in three different run sizes: 6 ft., 9 ft., 13 ft.


(will comfortably house ONE of the following)

  • 10 bantams
  • 6-8 medium chickens
  • 4-5 large chickens

Coop Features

  • The walls are comprised of double-wall insulation (good for all seasons)
  • The material prevents red-mites from building up.
  • The overall sturdiness of the run and coop will deter attacks from predators.
  • Lightweight enough to move. It can also be converted to a chicken tractor with compatible wheels.
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  • Droppings fall to a slide-out tray that is easily removed for cleaning.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Energy efficient

Product Review Of The Eglu Cube

We are providing an unbiased review on this coop to give you a look at both pros and cons. Reviews like this one provide fellow chicken owners out there some insight on a product they are considering purchasing.

We live in a day and age where we all rely on one another to be bold enough to tell us the good, bad, and ugly. So, let’s dig in.

Rating: 5 stars

Price Reasonable, Affordable

Size Options 6 ft. run 9 ft. run 13 ft. run

Appearance: It has an overall modern, whimsical appeal. The coop is raised to keep chickens up and off the cold ground. It easily fits in with a casual backyard landscape.

Quality: You get a more durable, warm coop with the insulating double-wall design. Although the coop is lightweight, it outperforms in durability. The polymer material and seamless molding prevent water from leaking into the coop.

Included With Package: You get everything in one package with this coop. Coop Ladder Run Feeder Waterer Wheels Nesting Box Roosting Bars

Optional Compatible Items: You can purchase separate Eglu product line items to enhance your Eglu Cube. Tractor bars for easy moving Chicken swing Clear waterproof cover for the run area Automatic door Extreme temperature coop covering (blanket)

Easy Cleaning: Because of the materials used to make the coop, it will be much easier to deep clean. Not many coops can be cleaned or scrubbed using a garden hose, but this one could.

Other: Omelet will pay you $1 for uploading a photo of your Eglu Cube to their gallery page. Assembly is made easy with online videos and manuals. Extensive online knowledgebase 30-day return Easy collection of eggs through a door.

Rating: Ratings available on Omlet site only

Price: Higher compared to DIY coop builds.

Size Options: Prices increase as you go larger in the size of the run.

Appearance: For some, the bright colors or contemporary look may not be appealing.

Quality: The run isn’t anchored down making predatorial attack easier.

Included With Package: It would be ideal if the tractor bars were included to make moving easier.

Optional Compatible Items: An indoor heater or fan would be nice to include with the Eglu product line.

Other: Shipping is not free. Returns must be done within 30 days and can be cumbersome. We are unable to locate any information on a warranty.

See More Here…

Our Overall Impression

We actually like the Eglu Cube because of the simplicity and ease of portability. Someone purchasing this must ensure that they follow the capacity guideline to avoid overcrowding because the inside of the coop is not as wide open as traditional coops.

Additionally, air circulation in the warmer months is a must, so a fan will need to be installed. The same goes for winter with the installation of a small heater. Finding a heater small enough to safely fit inside the coop will be challenging. But, overall, you get your money’s worth with the Eglu Cube chicken coop!

For reviews of other coops, see this page. Or for more affordable ideas, check out these coops.

The Last “Cluck”

Well, there you have it. Everything you need to know about the Eglu Cube Chicken Coop in a nutshell! It’s not a bad little coop and proves to be a great starter coop for new chicken owners. Just be mindful of the number of chickens you put in it; otherwise, you will have some problems.

To Buy The Coop, Click Here.

Happy chickening!

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2 thoughts on “Eglu Chicken Coop Review – Before You Spend Your Money, Read This”

  1. How much were you paid to wrote this “review”??? It’s about as honest as Nixon. First of all, Omlet sends the coop shipped in multiple packages at different times. For me that meant having to wait an extra week to pick up my pullets/pay for their board and had to re-schedule my handyman to assemble it, which is a VERY complex endeavor; NOT simple, NOT at all easy as Omlet would like you to believe. The ladder steps into the raised coop (the Eglu Up) are VERY DIFFICULT to get pullets to use. The alleged “six foot run” length is being counted from the part under the coop house, which when the pullets are fully grown will be unaccessible to them, too short a space for them to stand up in. If you have Bantams it might comfortably house 3-4 grown hens but it is NOT suited to 3-4 regular size breeds. I’ve kept chickens for many years; I wanted to love the Eglu Up, esp considering I paid OVER EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS for it, incl shipping. I was very interested in it being highly predator-deterrent; we’ll see over time how well that actually functions but frankly, it scares me how flimsy it’s connections look.. The slats in the wire covering are big enough to allow mice and some rats through, so be aware of that issue. The feeder is un-useable & Omlet should just stop selling it; it adds to shipping weight, however minimally and the hens won’t stick their heads into its hooded top. It’s also wide open to rodents. While the concept of Omlet is a great one, in actual life it just doesn’t hold up. Probably fine for Backyard Chicken keepers but not suited to a real farm, IMHO. I’m so NOT happy to pay so much for an item that has so many flaws & if I could pack it up & return it, I damn skippy would. So yeah, I call BS on your “review” because it’s very clearly a disingenuous paid ad that totally omits the glaring flaws of this company’s coops/runs.

    • Hello Firebird – We appreciate your honesty! I believe it will be helpful for people to see your experience with it. I agree with you that the coop is designed more for the backyard chicken keeper vs a farm or larger homestead setting. Although many people love it, clearly it’s not for everyone. Also, we do not receive any compensation for the review or if people buy it from the links in the article. Thank you for your comment.


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