FREE Chicken Coop Plan With Planter Box For Two Chickens

If you like having chickens AND plants, we’ve got a great plan for you! It’s a free chicken coop plan with planter box for two chickens.

It may not be a large structure, but it’s a lovely coop for those of you who love both chickens and gardening.

The coop dimensions are just over 3 feet (ft) x 3ft and just under 5 ft in height. Made for two large chicken or 3 small breed chickens (Silkies, Bantams) will fit nicely in this coop.

As for plants…well, you’re on your own for that…we’re only talking chickens here ?

The plan is available in PDF for easy printing.


Possible Revision Ideas

This is a great looking coop as-is and few revisions are truly needed. The ideas we mention next are merely suggestions. For help setting up your coop, see this free guide.


The coop is not super heavy and can likely be moved by two (or more) people. But if you plan to move this coop often around your yard or pasture, consider using wheels.

Use either four wheels (one one each corner), or two wheels on one side with handles on the opposite side.

chicken coop and planter box

There are a lot of wheel types that can be used. We like wheels that swivel since it makes moving the coop much easier to maneuver.

Planter Box

To make the planter box drain properly, you should drill holes in the bottom of it. Four to six holes 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch diameter should be plenty. More information on holes can be found here.

chicken coop with planter box plan

It’s current dimensions are rather small, but perfect for growing a few flowers, veggies, or whatever tickles your fancy!

Since the chickens are contained below the planter box, you won’t have to worry about them digging up your seeds and plants.

Exterior Grade Plywood

Because you’ll have soil in the planter box, it’s more important to use exterior grade plywood where the soil is.

For the sides around the planter box, cedar boards will work great and are less toxic than pressure treated if you’re growing veggies.

free chicken coop plan with planter box for two chickens

Roofing Materials

We like metal roofing but if you are wanting to save a few dollars or simply like the look of another material, go for it!

Asphalt shingles, roll roofing, cedar shakes, are just a few of the more common materials used which will last for many years.

If you’re thrifty, see if you have a local business that sells used or re-purposed building materials. You can get some sweet deals at these places! Not only that, you’d be supporting a local business.

Ladder or Ramp

The ladder is not shown in the plan. It can extend down as shown below, roughly 4 ft (48 inches) long by 5 inches wide.

Add rungs made of 6 to 8 inch long wood pieces, tree branches, etc. Space the rungs roughly 6 inches apart.

chicken house planter box design

Closing Thoughts

If you’re wanting the chicken coop and planter box combo, we hope this plan caught your eye. We don’t have any personal experience with this style of coop, but really love the concept.

The thought of watering plants and smelling flowers while gathering eggs and watching your chickens frolic is a tantalizing scene.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy chickening!

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