FREE Chicken Coop Plan For 4 Chickens

If you’re looking for a small but highly practical plan, we’ve got you covered. It’s a free chicken coop plan for 4 chickens.

It’s nothing flashy, but with a little creativity and the right paint job, it can be a striking addition to your backyard!

The triangular design is wide at the base and has a hinged door for ease of cleaning, gathering eggs, and more. It’s also lightweight enough to be moved by one person, although it’d be much easier with two!

The coop features a large run, which will make your flock very happy. Chickens love to poke around for bugs, seeds, or eat whatever insects come their way.

Alright, enough chatter. Here’s the plan, available in PDF for easy downloading or printing.


Construction Tips To Consider

We are not carpenters, drafters, or building experts of any sort! So please take our suggestions as merely that…suggestions? The tips below are just observations we had after looking at the plan. Feel free to take ’em or leave ’em!

Wire mesh

For the sides, it shows wire mesh. We recommend using hardware cloth with either 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch squares.

Cut it to the size of the opening and then staple it onto the siding from the inside of the coop. You CAN staple it on from the outside if you prefer, but it won’t look as nice (in our humble opinion).


The door has lovely strap hinges shown, but shows no handle to open it. You can get creative here if you want!

A simple option is to add a simple block of wood as the handle. But you can also use just about anything imaginable. Think outside the box, like the ideas below.

Cement Trowel – these make GREAT handles! Just screw it onto the door with a screw in each corner of the trowel. If you’re wanting a more rustic look, get a used trowel from a nearby used tools shop, pawn shop, Goodwill, or any business that sells used tools.

chicken coop plan for 2 to 3 chickens
Cement trowel makes a great handle!

Plumbing Parts

You can configure plumbing parts into a variety of shapes that make great handles! They are easy to find at re-purposed building supplies stores if you want to save a few bucks. Below is a handle we use on the inside of our chicken coop.

free chicken coop plan for 4 chickens
Our plumbing parts coop handle

Other Handle Ideas: round outdoor spigot handle, copper plumbing pipes, towel rack, door knob, and the list goes on.


The coop is large enough that moving it could be more of a chore for one person. By adding wheels to the each corner of the coop, you’ll have a much a much easier time.

Wheels can easily be added once the rest of the coop is built. To learn more about coop wheel options, see this article.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoy this simple yet super functional chicken coop plan. There are many creative ways to add your own spin on this design to make it suit your unique needs.

It’s a lightweight coop design that can look great in our backyard. Consider moving the coop several times a week to different areas of the yard. This not only fertilizes your lawn, it allows the chickens to pick at fresh bugs, seeds, and grass.

For more ideas on setting up your coop, read this guide.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy ‘Chickening!’