Poultry Watering Ideas

Chicken Watering Systems

If you’ve landed here, chances are you are looking for the right direction for your chickens watering needs. If you’re situation is at all like mine, finding a way to …

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Automatic Chicken Watering System

Chicken Waterer Nipples

One of the things that is vitally important for the overall health of your chickens is an unlimited supply of fresh water. It sounds simple enough right? I mean just …

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Coop Building Materials

Chicken coops can be made from almost anything – revamping an old shed or camping trailer, using scrap lumber, PVC pipes, 50 gallon barrels, tarps, kits, pallets, and the list …

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Chicken Coop Designs

There are hundreds of different designs available for your coop. A picture of my coop is posted below – It’s made of used lumber and left over house paint. I’m …

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chicken roost options

Chicken Roost Ideas

Like us people, chickens need a safe place to sleep at night. But unlike us, or other animals, they seek out a roost as their preferred place to sleep at …

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