Chicken Coop Decor Ideas – A Coop Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Fun Ways to Decorate Your Chicken Coop!

Here’s every IMAGINABLE way to add some “flair” to your clucker’s coops.

Folks, we bring you some seriously fun and creative chicken coop decor ideas that’ll blow your socks off! Chicken coops don’t have to be full of “blah” and “ugh” because you can breathe some life into them.

Can you just imagine having something beautiful, eye-catching, and just plain ole odd in your backyard? Your outdoor living area and backyard chicken coop can be married into something you and your guests will enjoy.

Let’s see what you can do to add some “wow” to your coop. If you’re looking for information about coop accessories like roosts, nest boxes etc. read our article here.

chicken coop interior ideas

Benefits of Decorating a Coop

Decorating your coop is a super fun project. There is, however, a “tipping point” where you can go overboard, compromising the comfort of your chickens. Just remember to decorate AROUND their need for a private and secure place to nest and roost.

How do you and your chickens benefit from a decorated coop?

  • Your chickens have more to explore and enjoy.
  • A nifty coop enhances your outdoor living area.
  • You’ll be more drawn into watching and enjoying your chickens.
  • Guests will get to experience the contagious hobby of raising chickens.

To find a wide assortment of chicken coop signs and decorations, click here.

“That Time of Year” Decoration

When a holiday, special day, or season arrives, do you add some decor to your coop? For those of you who hang a wreath on the coop door, we give you kudos. You’re getting there.

So, just how do you decorate a chicken coop? Well, let’s take those four walls you have assembled and call a coop and add some color and personality to them. We have some chicken coop interior ideas that’ll blow your mind. Lets take a closer look at holiday signs and decor ideas for your coop.


Add a little red gingham fabric for curtains inside your coop and finish with a sign (further down) to hang on the door!

Sweet Signs
  • “Love, Kisses & Chicken Wishes”
  • “You Make my Beak Smile”
  • “Happy Chicken-tine’s Day”
  • “Cupie-Chicks”

St. Patrick’s

Place some green straw on the floor of your chicken coop/run, hang up some shamrock curtains (or green gingham), and don’t forget the front door sign!

Green Signs
  • “Happy St. Chick’s Day”
  • “This coop’s built on lots of cluck’n and chick-anigans!”
  • “Warning: Chickens pinch!”


Spring is in the air, celebrate with some flair! We do caution you not to use artificial eggs as decoration. Using fake eggs within the chicken’s reach can confuse brooding hens.

Hoppy Signs
  • Welcome Peeps
  • “Easter Eggs Here”
  • “Chick’n Cotton-Tail”

chicken coop interior deco


Everyone loves to transition into the crisp air of Autumn by decorating. Pumpkins, wreaths, and corn stalks begin to pop up everywhere. Why not add those elements to your coop? Best of all, your chickens will LOVE to have some pumpkins to snack on. Simply cut holes in the sides of the pumpkins large enough for your chickens to poke their heads in to gather the pumpkin flesh and seeds.

Gobbly Good Signs
  • “No Gobbles Here”
  • “Thankful Clucks Gather Here”
  • “Happy Chicks-Giving”


Aww, now we come to our most favorite holiday and time of the year. Decorating your chicken coop for Christmas is something you’ll enjoy throughout the holiday season. Here’s your chance to spoil your chickens! Get your “Christmas” on and deck your coop out with Christmas lights and a Christmas tree that has branching for roosting. Word of Caution: never use poinsettias, cedar, or mistletoe near your chickens because they’re toxic.

Stockings for Your Cluckers

Use leftover feed bags to hang up on the coop.

Festive and Warm Apparel

Break out those chicken sweaters or chicken saddles to spread a little holiday cheer!

Scratch Wreath

Get crafty and make an edible wreath your chickens will love. For those of you that prefer something a little simpler, string up garlands of fresh cranberries for them to enjoy.

Holiday Signs
  • “Candy Canes & Cluckers”

  • “Merry Chick-mas”

Let’s “Decorize” Your Chicken Coop!

We’ve scoured the internet for unique ways to add charm and character to your chicken coop. Below are some links to give you ideas on decorating, painting, building, and decor collecting. Chicken coop ideas are endless!


Nothing but the best in feathery foo-foo decor for the discerning chickenesse.

  • A Chicken Coop Any Girly Gal Would Love To Have.

  • The French provincial “chicken chair.”

  • Personalize with a Shabby “Chick” ambiance.

chicken coop decor options

chicken coop decor


“Rooster Cave” – Manly Coops

Guys, we haven’t forgotten you! Here are some testosterone-charged coop decor ideas.

“Country Chicks” – Down Home Rustic

If you like “countrified” and rustic that has a homey feel, here are some “good ole” coops just for you.

Contempo Chicken

For those of you who are urban chickeneers looking for something with a minimalistic presence, we’ve got something for you.

“Artsy-Fartsy” – Pablo Chickasso

Colors and creativity pop in these coop styles and decor.

“Drive-Thru Chicken”

If you literally LOVE chicken, here are a few ideas for you.

“Eco-Chicks” – Repurposing

Find the junk, and you have the makings for coop decor!

“McMansions”- Gated Chicken Community

Only the richest of cluckers call these places home!

Chicken Coop Signs

A coop looks blue without a sign or two! You can practically make a sign for every occasion, holiday, or season. Don’t forget to include a chicken family sign including the names of your feathered family.

Where To Find Chicken Coop Decor Ideas

As we’ve noted in this article, there are dozens of places to find amazing chicken coop decorations of all kinds online. Stores like Amazon and Etsy will have a variety of different items to choose from.

But if you don’t feel like spending the cash and simply want to make your own chicken decor items, there is a lot of information on the web to do just that! Youtube, Pinterest, or a simple google search will pull up more tutorials than you’ll know what to do with. From signs to sweaters to wall decor, you’ll find it all.

The Last “Cluck…”

Now you have some one-of-a-kind chicken coop decorating ideas. Plan a weekend to spruce up, paint, and personalize your chicken coop decor. Once you are done, grab a lounge chair, glass of iced cold tea, and sit back and watch your chickens frolic in their new abode!

Happy “chickening!”

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Chicken Coop Decor Ideas

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