What To Do With Old Laying Hens – To Keep Or Cull, That’s The Question

What to do with old hens

Isn’t it fun getting baby chicks! They’re tiny, fuzzy, and fun to take care of. Over time you enjoy the hundreds of eggs they lay, watch them grow, and enjoy all their antics in the coop. But what about when they get old? Egg production drops but they still need to eat…can you justify keeping … Read more

Pros and Cons of Pasture Raised Chicken – Why It’s Here To Stay

Pros and cons of pastured poultry

Pastured chickens are something many of us who raise chickens are either finding a keen interest in, or we have actually taken the plunge and changed over to. This system of raising chickens is highly beneficial for you, the chickens, and the end-user (consumer.) In this article we’ll take a closer look at the pros … Read more

Pets And Farm Animals Chickens Can Get Along With…An In-Depth Look

farm animals chickens

Whether you have backyard chickens or rural chickens, it’s important to know what other animals they do or don’t get along with. We have your usual farm animals along with some unexpected animals that people may have around chickens. So, let’s dive in to see how our yardbirds get on around other warm-blooded species (and … Read more

Do Chickens Need Vaccinations? The Answer May Surprise You

should chickens get vaccinated

Most of us would never even think of vaccinating chickens. After all, they are, well, yardbirds. Contrary to that school of thought, chickens require care just as any other pet would, and that includes ensuring they are properly vaccinated. But do chickens NEED vaccinations? The answer is yes or no, depending who you talk to. … Read more