Lighting For A Chicken Coop – How Important Is It For Egg Production?

Chicken Coop Lighting

It’s a question many chicken farmers ask each winter…how can I increase light in my coop to keep egg production up? There are a few simple ideas that can be done to your coop to help maximize lighting for a chicken coop and we’ll explore those here. Adequate lighting is needed to maintain egg production … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Rats In A Chicken Coop…For Good!

Get Rid Rats

If you’ve had chickens for any length of time, you know how much work goes into caring for them. Feed, water, maintaining your coop etc. All of these activities are very important for the overall health of your chickens. Oftentimes, by doing these activities, you’ll prevent any type of rodent infestation altogether! However…sometimes just keeping … Read more

Do Chickens Need Heat In The Winter?

Winter time can be super fun. Sledding, skiing, playing in the snow, or whatever other winter activities you love to do. However, when those temperatures drop below 30, or 20, or below 0, it can be a bit harder to stay outside for any length of time. Well how does the cold damp winter conditions … Read more

Raising Chickens For Eggs

Raising Egg Laying Hens

So you’re wanting to raise your own eggs? Awesome! Raising chickens is one of the easier farm animals to manage. Having said that, it isn’t just a matter of buying a few chicks and letting them free range in your yard…they DO need a few amenities like food, shelter, water, and a place to lay … Read more