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Raising Chickens For Eggs

Raising Egg Laying Hens

So you’re wanting to raise your own eggs? Awesome! Raising chickens is one of the easier farm animals to manage. Having said that, it isn’t just a matter of buying a few chicks and letting them free range in your yard…they DO need a few amenities like food, shelter, water, and a place to …

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Automatic Chicken Coop Doors – Do They Work?

automatic chicken coop door

If you’re like me, you’re always searching to find ways to make the daily grind of raising chickens a bit easier. And with today’s technology, everything is getting easier, including raising chickens. There are automated chicken feeders, watering systems…and now there are automatic chicken coop doors! But is paying a fairly steep price tag …

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Chicken Waterer Nipples

Automatic Chicken Watering System

One of the things that is vitally important for the overall health of your chickens is an unlimited supply of fresh water. It sounds simple enough right? I mean just put out a small trough and fill it with fresh water periodically. I wish it were that easy…chickens are messy! Before you know it, …

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