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Automatic Chicken Coop Doors – Do They Work?

automatic chicken coop door

If you’re like me, you’re always searching to find ways to make the daily grind of raising chickens a bit easier. And with today’s technology, everything is getting easier, including raising chickens. There are automated chicken feeders, watering systems…and now there are automatic chicken coop doors! But is paying a fairly steep price tag …

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Chicken Waterer Nipples

Automatic Chicken Watering System

One of the things that is vitally important for the overall health of your chickens is an unlimited supply of fresh water. It sounds simple enough right? I mean just put out a small trough and fill it with fresh water periodically. I wish it were that easy…chickens are messy! Before you know it, …

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Chicken Coop Designs

how to attach wheels to a chicken tractor

There are hundreds of different designs available for your coop. A picture of my coop is posted below – It’s made of used lumber and left over house paint. I’m not gonna kid ya, it was A LOT of work…but so worth it! Unfortunately we sold our house a couple years ago so someone …

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Chicken Roost Ideas

chicken roost options

Like us people, chickens need a safe place to sleep at night. But unlike us, or other animals, they seek out a roost as their preferred place to sleep at night. So in addition to building your chicken coop – making a nice roost is also part of the process – but a very …

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Chicken Nest Boxes – Think Outside The Box

Nest boxes play an important (and fun) part of raising chickens. There are dozens of everyday items that can function nicely as a nest box. In this article we’ll take a look at a few popular nest box options and where to find these items. Wood Nest Box Traditional wood nest boxes work great. …

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Chicken Feeder Ideas

5 gallon bucket feeder

If you’ve landed here, you’re contemplating what type of chicken feeder to either buy or make yourself. Either direction is fine, but let’s dissect the issue in the article to help you make the most informed decision. What Makes A Good Chicken Feeder? Does Not Spill A Lot Of Feed (most important) – Feed …

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