Raising Meat Chickens For Beginners

Chicken is a common staple at many households. It’s not as expensive as other meats but if you buy organic chicken, you’ll definitely be paying more. But even buying organic doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been treated humanely or fed the type of feed that’s healthy. Many people want to know what went into the …

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When Do Chickens Start Laying Eggs? Well, It Depends

First Chicken Eggs

So you bought your chicks and tended them with care. You made sure they had the right feed, fresh water, and a cozy coop where they could safely rest. Then they developed feathers, their adult “squawk” and continued to grow. As a chicken farmer, it’s a thrilling process to watch! Unless you bought chickens …

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Chicken Dust Bath Ingredients

Chicken Dust Bath

If you have ever seen your chickens taking a dust bath, it’s a comical site – there they are, rolling around and kicking dirt onto themselves! Dust baths are helpful for chickens as it helps to rid them of external parasites, mites etc. But if you have free ranging chickens (like we do), and …

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