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Chicken Coop Designs

how to attach wheels to a chicken tractor

There are hundreds of different designs available for your coop. A picture of my coop is posted below – It’s made of used lumber and left over house paint. I’m not gonna kid ya, it was A LOT of work…but so worth it! Unfortunately we sold our house a couple years ago so someone …

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Chicken Roost Ideas

chicken roost options

Like us people, chickens need a safe place to sleep at night. But unlike us, or other animals, they seek out a roost as their preferred place to sleep at night. So in addition to building your chicken coop – making a nice roost is also part of the process – but a very …

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Chicken Nest Boxes – Think Outside The Box

Nest boxes play an important (and fun) part of raising chickens. There are dozens of everyday items that can function nicely as a nest box. In this article we’ll take a look at a few popular nest box options and where to find these items. Wood Nest Box Traditional wood nest boxes work great. …

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